WIP work June 9th, 2020

General / 09 June 2020

Hey there!

Here's some pictures of my current WIP models as of early June 2020

Corsair f4u Low Poly Model (1477 quads)

I started modeling this for a discord community surrounding 'Foxhole' a persistent world war game.  Currently on hold while I learn Blender.
maya viewport

UV Map 

Stylized Tree 
So I've been learning Blender these last few weeks and have gotten into it's powerful sculpting tools.  Here's a WIP shot of a stylized tree I've been working on.  It's been really fun learning to use blender so far!  I especially like the cool effects that I can do using modifiers.  For instance this tree started out as a single vertex that I then extruded with the skin modifier.  After which I used a subdivision modifier to round it off and prepare it for the sculpting I'm doing now.

Illustrative Work

I was challenged to create fanart of Demise from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.  This piece is currently on hold while I learn Blender (also scales are less fun than painting musculature).  Next steps are to plan out all the scales on the body and start painting them.